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Elizabeth & Barton Cockey live in Trappe, Maryland, and Greenwich, New York, where they enjoy antiquing, painting, and gardening. Barton is a diagnostic radiologist who earned his medical degrees at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. He practices medicine for the Advanced Radiology group at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Elizabeth holds degrees in art and psychology, as well as a master’s in art therapy. Her memoir, Drawn from Memory: A Personal Story of Healing Through Art, chronicles her experiences in working with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients as an art therapist.


Latest Release

The husband-and-wife team Barton and Elizabeth Cockey has produced another remarkable collaborative effort. Whereas most of their other books have been illustrated histories that brought out our mystical connection to the past and to the land, this new, fictional work explores the magical connection between dogs and humans [read more].

What People Say…

“I cannot say it enough, that many said to me you were the best speaker we have ever had- and we’ve had a lot of good ones. Your combination of humor, emotion and just your actress qualities really made for a great learning experience for everyone. Thank you!”

Lois Sheaff, Chair, Women’s Health Day

Stories of the Battenkill

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Stories of the Battenkill

Elizabeth Cockey was a featured speaker during Battenkill Conservancy’s annual meeting in Upstate New York. She presented a series of short vingettes and personal memories encapsulated in her oral history of the Battenkill. Here is a report they published on their website: Cockey, whose great-great-great-great grandfather sold land to Susan B. Anthony’s father, grew up in […]


The Art of Making It Up: Chapter Four

The day I had gone to the riverfront property with Mary and made the emotional decision to sell it, I came home and flopped onto my bed to stare up at the ceiling. I could hear the phone ringing in the kitchen, so I stumbled down the stairs from my bedroom. Glancing at the caller […]